TYKE TOTER ~ A BIKE SEAT FOR KIDS (自転車用チャイルドシート)-2
TYKE TOTER ~ A BIKE SEAT FOR KIDS (自転車用チャイルドシート)-3


Tyke Toter - 自転車用チャイルドシート

Tyke Toterは、アメリカにて開発された画期的な自転車用のチャイルドシートアタッチメントです。2歳〜5歳(20kg)の子供用バイクシートとして設計されており、着脱も工具無しで簡単(取付時間 約30秒)に行えるため、必要な時にだけ取り付けてお使いいただけます。マウンテンバイク・BMX・小径車など、お持ちの自転車のシートポストに取り付け、足置き(フットペグパーツ)をベルクロで取り付けるだけ。着脱も簡易なので複数の自転車との共有も可能となります。安全の為、乗車の際には必ずヘルメットを着用してください。乗車の際には器具がしっかり固定されていることを確認してください。 駐輪中の器具の盗難にご注意ください。 ※ご購入に辺り、ご使用時の転倒/怪我についてはお客様の自己責任となりますこと予めご了承ください。当店では一切の責任を負いかねます。

・対象年齢 : 2歳〜5歳

・重量制限 : 20kg

Tyke Toter- a bike seat for kids. Includes Foot Peg and all accessories.

Most bike seat attachments are meant for babies. Tyke Toter is truly designed to be a kids bike seatmeant for, well, kids. Recommended for children ages 2-5 years old and with a generous weight limit suggestion of 45 lbs., the Tyke Toter kids bike seat takes over where other front mount child bike seats leave off. Your child can now hang on by himself, balance, and wants to ride a bike like you! As he grows and even learns to ride his own bike, he will still need to ride with you on long family bike rides. Tyke Toter bike seat for kids is adjustable with your child as he grows and is the most interactive and fun way for your child to enjoy every bike ride with you!

While Tyke Toter will be your kid’s favorite bike seat, we have also made it easy for you to take him along! Tyke Toter bike seat for kids attaches in less than a minute with no tools or hardware. The quick-release design is intuitive and simple; perfect for both the novice and experienced bike rider. Because it is so easy to install/uninstall, the Tyke Toter kids bike seat can be switched between different bikes so both mom and dad, or even grandma and grandpa can use it. It is compact and very easy to pack away for vacations and day trips. You’ll have so much fun with your child; you will realize that Tyke Toter truly is a bike seat for kids, even grown-up ones!

  • The most INTERACTIVE child bike seat on the market! 
  • This front-mounted seat puts your child right in front of you, nestled between your arms, with their own foot-pegs and fixed handlebars.  They get to enjoy the ride as you do! Central location means easy handling!
  • Simple installation (in about 30 seconds)--  The quick release mechanism for the seat (attaches to seat post) and Velcro for the foot peg (attaches to down-tube) mean NO TOOLS REQUIRED and NO HARDWARE left on the bike when removed!
  • Lifetime Warranty on quality and workmanship.
  • Easily adjustable for size of child, universal quick-release attachment (fits any seat-post size).
  • Intended use for children about 2-5 yrs. old or up to 45 lbs.




・国内在庫のため即納可能 ※当店通常出荷日程にて出荷となります。


¥15,000 (税別)